Dr Borlabi Professional Sports Psychologist


    Dr. Wendy Borlabi


    I enjoy working with people and helping them fulfill their goals. Teaching has been an important aspect of my work. My philosophy is centered around learning the basics then developing your own path. In order to do this I believe that you need a safe and encouraging learning environment so you can explore the different areas that peak your interest. Being open to the process, I believe, facilitates that base and allows you to grow in business and/or sports.” – Dr. B


    Dr. Borlabi & Associates offer corporate and athletic workshops and speaking engagements that allows each person to be aware of their growth edges that may affect performance on and off the field, court or conference room. In addition, what may affect their ability to develop their mental toughness to perform at the highest level most of the time.


    We will find a solution that works best for you
    Moving you towards your goals
    Developing and sustaining high performance
    We work with athletes at every level
    Mentally improving your athletic ability

  • We Focus On You. Your Performance
    Mentally improving your athletic ability
    Setting processes to achieve
    Concentrate with distractions
  • Self Awareness
    Know yourself. Know what you need to perform at your optimal level
  • Emotional Management
    Control the highs and lows of your emotions and still focus on the task at hand
  • Group or Team Services
    Team. Teammate. Self
  • arousal-managment
    Manage your pre performance anxiety
  • Performance-Anxiety
    Improve your mental game plan

    Mental Toughness describes how we view an athlete that performs well


    Mental toughness is one of those words that has been thrown around for over 20 years to describe how we view an athlete that performs well. In fact, when an athlete performs well in the wake of his/her personal tragedy we use this as an example of what mental toughness is in sport. For example, Brett Favre playing in the football game the day after his father passed away. That day he passed for 399 yards and four touchdowns…he was mentally tough.

    In addition, a team can be mentally tough or mentally weak. We saw this first hand during the Beijing Summer Olympics when a member of the men’s volleyball team’s coach had a family member killed and another severely injured during an attack. The team came together to win gold. The team had a good foundation and the tragedy brought them closer and more determined to win.

    Mental toughness is hard to completely define and different people have different definitions but we know it when we see it.