For a lot of corporate executives, company workshops are dreaded events. And for good reason: Many employees leave these mandatory all day work sessions feeling behind in their daily work and responsibilities. A worst case scenario, all of the ideas, plans and goals that was discussed during the workshop is never executed and rarely accomplished.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    What if after a company workshop everyone that attended leaves with a mission and purpose? What if bonds and goals are formed that builds team cohesion? What if each department lead will now understand some of the obstacles and strengths of their colleagues?

    At Dr. B & Associates we create an environment that will identify each company’s strengths, weaknesses and more importantly opportunities. Work and Play is a part of successful model and has Fortune 500 companies asking us back to conduct workshops time and time again.

    We focus on increasing your corporate performance. Assisting you at discovering efficiency that will increase revenue. We consider successful companies are operating at a high performance level in the following areas: innovative, production and strategy.

    Sports Psychology Corporate Workshop with Wendy Borlabi
    We keep it simple. We have fun. We increase performance.

    Benefits of a Dr. B & Associate Corporate Workshop

    -Many working professionals find they need to periodically find perspective to keep energized about their work and to continue to moving forward.

    The day to day responsibilities of work keeps a person busy completing all the task of job position. But pure production can stifle innovation and lead to stagnation. In the corporate world it’s not enough to purely work. Companies have to evaluate the growing trends of the marketplace. We have found that take a “breather” and evaluating company values enables creativity, innovation and revenue generating processes.

    – Sitting, brain storming and thinking is work that helps you perform.

    Many working professionals feel that learning, absorbing and discussing their work is something that is done in their spare time. There is value in this type of work. When working together in our program it helps each individual understand the “whole picture” or the understand the company’s direction.

    Dr. Wendy Borlabi Sports Psychology Speaking Engagement


    Dr. Borlabi and her team offers the below areas of expertise as presentation:

    – Self-awareness
    – Mental toughness
    – Managing your emotions on the field or in the boardroom
    – Diversity
    – Life after sports
    – Women in sports
    – Women in the work force
    – Work/life balance
    – Super mom and career woman…why do you have to choose?

    Would like another theme or subject for your presentation?

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    Benefits to Attending a Dr. B & Associates Speaking Engagement

    ● You don’t know what you don’t know–and sometimes you need other people to help you see things differently. Getting and sharing ideas with your fellow coworkers or other people in your field keeps you current and invested in your future

    ● Connect with professionals with a range of skills. “In one session”, says Dr. B “participants listed their areas of expertise and discussed what they could do to help the others.” Dr. B remembers “With such a high-performing group, it took up a whole board

    ● Investment in yourself. Investment in your future

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